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What drives our customers – abrasion and corrosion protection

We offer personal consulting, planning and development for customized solutions against abrasion and corrosion problems. We have various thermal spray technology processes and a large selection of suitable spray materials at our disposal.

In close cooperation with customers, when requested, we develop customized solutions that extend lifetimes, which in turn lead to cost and time savings. In accordance to the requirements profile of the work material at hand, we select the coating process and spray material that best suits the purposes of achieving the optimum result. We use the specifications of the drawings or samples for the production of new parts. We also process special materials such as Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel and Nickel.

Our range of services features

Good price-performance ratio
We coat surfaces of machine parts inexpensively and quickly.

Longer periods of use
We make parts last longer and more durable.

Reduced machine downtimes
We make it possible to avoid parts scrapping and to re-use worn parts.

More innovation
We can provide the surface of a machine component with the physical properties that are superior to those of the base material.

Greater flexibility
We develop customized solutions as well as special solutions.

Customer-oriented service
We are an owner-operated company where the managing directors advise you personally at all project phases.