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Thermal spraying technology for highest demands – robust, economically, refined

The drive behind our machines – thermal spraying technology

Your workpiece needs a long lifetime and has to be resistant to abrasion and corrosion. It has to withstand the most extreme loads.

The process of thermal spraying technology is extremely well-suited for cost-saving repairs while increasing service lifetime. Already with the new production of machine components that are subjected to heavy loads, thermal spraying is suitable for use and results in longer lifetimes.

The desired surface material comes in the form of a wire, rod or powder and is surface-fused or melted in a burner and sprayed onto the part. The fine particles solidify and bond onto the workpiece’s pre-treated surface.

We have various processes and a large selection of suitable spraying materials at our disposal.

We offer the following processes:

  • Wire flame spraying
  • Electric arc spraying
  • High velocity flame spraying
  • Powder flame spraying
  • Thermo spray process

Bustomized solutions against abrasion and corrosion problems

We offer personal consulting, planning and development for customized solutions against abrasion and corrosion problems. We have various thermal spray technology processes and a large selection of suitable spray materials at our disposal.

Our Solutions

In close cooperation with customers, when requested, we develop customized solutions that extend lifetimes, which in turn lead to cost and time savings. In accordance to the requirements profile of the work material at hand, we select the coating process and spray material that best suits the purposes of achieving the optimum result. 

Our Service