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What drives us – quality and service

Adelsberger Oberflächentechnik GmbH was founded by Klaus-Dieter Adelsberger, Markus Hoese and Gerhard Ilchmann in 1999. Klaus-Dieter Adelsberger retired from the company in 2004. Company founders Markus Hoese and Gerhard Ilchmann have managed the company ever since.

Over ten years of experience in surface coating makes the Adelsberger Oberflächentechnik GmbH an expert partner when it comes to protecting surfaces against abrasion and corrosion. Through the targeted utilization of the most modern metal spraying technology, we offer our customers customized solutions against ongoing material wear. In addition to repair work, we take over the complete manufacture of machine components.

We view ourselves as a service provider – and that we take as our word. Customer support is of course top priority. For us it is essential to professionally implement your expectations, to advise you expertly, and to accompany you throughout your project, from planning to the delivery of finished components.

Naturally we work using the most modern quality standards as to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015.


Telephone 04746 / 72403 and Email kontakt@adelsberger-gmbh.de

Gerhard Ilchmann

Technical Director

Markus Hoese

Plant Manager

Petra Ilchmann